Supporting communities, working with network operators, informing policymakers and industry

The EU Heroes project works with a wide range of stakeholders to find and share solutions for community solar.
We work with community energy groups, electricity network operators, regulators, policy makers and the solar industry to identify new and improved business models that enable the network integration of community generated solar energy.


EU Heroes works with:
Community solar PV projects: to develop, pilot and share new business models that make network connection easier and realise the benefits of local energy generation.
Energy network companies: to understand the challenges posed by connecting solar PV as well as current and future practice for network connections. The project will work with network companies to develop new approaches that address network needs whilst sustaining successful community business.
Solar PV companies: to integrate the latest technology into our business models and build partnerships between the private sector and energy communities
Policy makers and regulators: to share our findings and make recommendations on ways to enable greater deployment of low carbon energy, whilst maintaining grid resilience and encouraging more people to participate in energy markets and reducing carbon emissions.

How can interested stakeholders become involved with the project?

• Participate in themed workshops on the various aspects of community solar business models and grid integration
• Attend one of the EU Heroes seminars and learn about the latest project outcomes, research, analysis and recommendations around viable community solar projects
• Showcase your expertise by taking part in EU Heroes telephone conferences and sharing your views, knowledge, questions and recommendations around the topics of community solar, grid integration and policies
• Sign up for the EU Heroes newsletter
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